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Enroll at Essence Prep

Project-Based Learning

In our school, Project-Based Learning offers a hands-on experience that bolsters critical thinking.

1:1 Child Development

Our 1:1 Child Development ensures each child receives individualized attention for tailored growth.

Arts and entrepreneurship curriculums

In our curriculum, the Arts and Entrepreneurship segments inspire a fusion of creativity and business acumen.

Essence Prep provides students the resources, support, and care to build confidence, work hard and create the future.

Essence’s academic model ensures that all students graduate from our school equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to matriculate to success and become agents of change.

Enroll at Essence Preparatory Public School
We now have openings for pre-k to 6th grade, in the future we will serve students pre-k to 8th grade!

Please follow the link to submit an application (including all necessary supporting documentation) by the closing date as directed by Essence Preparatory Public School.

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