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Special Services Programs


  • Gifted and Talented
  • Dyslexia
  • EL – English Learner
  • (SASPC) 
  • Inclusion and Resource
  • SEL (Social Emotional Learning)
  • Counseling Services 
  • Speech

Counseling Services

Professional School Counselors implement School Guidance and Mental Health Counseling to improve academic performance and increase participation in postsecondary education. 

ESSPS Maintains a full-time counselor at our campus during the school year to provide individual and group counseling services and SEL support.

Mia Morris is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Master of Art’s in Counseling from Wayland Baptist University. She has been working in the field of counseling for over eight years. She has a passion for supporting children, teens, families, and the community as they address their overall mental, behavioral, and social-emotional needs, as well as sharing through psychoeducation with an emphasis on ACES, Trauma Informed Care, and art and play therapy interventions.   Her mission is to end the stigmas and stereotypes of mental health care in black/brown communities, assisting others in working through difficult situations, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors to help them feel seen, heard and understood.  Mia has a passion for serving the community that has spanned over 30 years, and has worked with a diverse group of nonprofits in the health and education sectors, emphasizing delivering caring and compassionate advocacy and supporting and empowering the community through healing and growth.

Gifted and Talented

EPPS is a Candidate School for the Primary Years Program. We are pursuing authorization as an IB World School. These schools share a common philosophy – a commitment to high-quality, challenging, international education that EPPS believes is important for our scholars.

What is an International Baccalaureate (IB) school?

International Baccalaureate (IB) schools are schools that share a common philosophy – a commitment to high-quality, challenging, international education that we believe is integral for scholar learning. It is recognized for its rigor and global emphasis. Graduating with an IB Diploma (12th Grade) Completing the IB program allows you to receive up to 32 credits. If you gain admission into a college or university that offers generous course credit for both the IB diploma and individual IB exams, you could graduate much faster than students who didn’t take up the IB program or exams in high school.


What is the PYP International Baccalaureate (IB) school?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) is an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning in which teachers and scholars’ questions direct the learning.  The focus is on acquiring essential knowledge, concepts, skills, and attitudes and incorporating meaningful and relevant action into our learning.  It is defined by six transdisciplinary themes of global significance and is explored using knowledge and skills derived from six subject areas. 

Our IB Scholars Profile Ensures our Scholars Are:

  • Inquirers
  • Knowledgeable
  • Thinkers
  • Communicators
  • Principled
  • Open-Minded
  • Caring
  • Risk-Takers
  • Balanced
  • Reflective

Special Education Resources


  • Parent Resources: Provides families with information regarding IDEA, Dyslexia, MTSS, and Section 504. 



  • Compensatory Services



  • Texas Transition and Employment Guide







  • SpedTex


The Special Education Information Center (SPEDTex) provides resources and interactive features for increasing family awareness of disabilities and special education processes, with the goal of improving partnerships between schools and families.

Contact information:

Phone: 1-855-773-3839

Email: inquire@spedtex.org


  • Notice to Families






Notice of Procedural Safeguards (Both in English and Spanish)




Parent’s Guide to the Admission Review and Dismissal Process (Both in Spanish and     English)  



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